Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Aujourd'hui en 1943... // Today in 1943...


Today in 1943, my great-uncle MARCEL COTTERET was shot at dawn by the nazis at Mont Valérien in Paris; he was 37 years old and was the loving father to three children. He was also an inventor and a specialist of short wave radio and photography. He managed to be a hero during the short war in 1940 before the Armistice (got a Croix de guerre for it) and joined the Resistance as early as November 1940. He sent loads of information to London and led a local network which became part of bigger ones: JOLIUSY, then JOHNNY in 1941 and finally JADE-FITZROY.
He was denounced, arrested by the Gestapo in July 1943, tortured (he never spoke) and then transferred to Paris to be shot with five fellow Malouins (of Saint-Malo) on 2 December 1943. His courage, generosity love of life and humility have always been a shining example of human greatness to me. My trilogy is dedicated to him and his brothers, and to all the people who have fought and still do fight against the forces of death, darkness and evil with all their hope, strength and life. LEST WE FORGET.

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