Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Un jour de deuil // A day of mourning

Aujourd'hui, le 7 janvier 2015, est un jour de deuil non seulement pour la France mais aussi pour le reste du monde, partout où brillent les forces de la lumière. Face à l'horreur et à l'extrêmisme, nous ne baisserons pas les bras. // Today, 7 January 2015, is a day of mourning not only for France but also for the rest of the world, wherever the forces of light are shining. Faced with horror and extremism, we will never give up.

Translation of the Facebook post: 
Here are four of the twelve people (journalists, cartoonists and two policemen) who were murdered this morning in Paris by extremists: they were killed for their ideas. Their killers wanted to try to destroy, with them and through them, the luminous spirit of our freedom.
Many men and women have sacrificed their lives for our right to freedom, a right of which I am so proud; a right that we must protect at all costs.
Tonight, dear friends, let's light a candle to honour our dead, and to show that darkness will never extinguish in us the spirit of light.
Rest in peace, you who have dared to speak your mind and you who were just doing your duty, we will never forget you.

Le pouvoir du crayon contre celui des armes automatiques... //
 The power of the pen against  that of automatic weapons...

Solidarity with the victims of the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo 

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